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Artist Album Grenre Format
Ricky Martin with Christina Aguilera Nobody wants to be Lonely....(CD Single) Rock/Pop
Rick Derringer Back to the Blues Blues
Richie Sambora Stranger in this Town Rock/Pop
Richard Marx My own best Enemy....(CD Single) Rock/Pop
Retro Jump Self-Titled....Various Artists Blues
REO Speedwagon Hi InFidelity....Remastered Rock/Pop
REO Speedwagon You can Tune a piano, but you can't Tuna fish. Rock/Pop
REO Speedwagon The second decade of Rock and Roll 1981 - 1991 Rock/Pop
REO Speedwagon The Hits Rock/Pop
Renee Olstead Selections from....(CD Single) Jazz
Regina Belle Stay with me Rock/Pop
Regina Belle If I Could....(CD Single) Rock/Pop
Red White & Blues Self-Titled....Various Artists Blues
Red Blooded Blues Self-Titled....Various Artists Blues
Ray Charles Celebrates A Gospel Christmas....Various Artists Holiday
Ratt Detonator Rock/Pop
Randy Tunes First Burn....Various Artists Rock/Pop
R. Kelly 12 Play Rock/Pop
Quireboys There she goes Again....(CD Single) Rock/Pop
Quiet Riot The Randy Rhoads Years Rock/Pop
Queensryche Operation: Mindcrime II Rock/Pop
Queensryche Anybody Listening?....(CD Single) Rock/Pop
Queensryche Empire Rock/Pop
Queensryche Operation: Mindcrime Rock/Pop
Queensryche Best I Can....(CD Single) Rock/Pop
Queensryche Operation: LIVEcrime Rock/Pop
Queen Talks....(CD Single / Interview) Rock/Pop
Queen Rocks...Volume One Rock/Pop
Queen Rocks...Volume Two Rock/Pop
Queen The Miracle Rock/Pop
Queen Rocks....Volume Two Rock/Pop
Queen Classic Rock/Pop
Queen Greatest Hits Rock/Pop
Queen A Night At The Opera Rock/Pop
Queen A Day At The Races Rock/Pop
Prince Cream....(CD Single) Rock/Pop
Popa Chubby Booty and the Beast Blues
Poison Flesh & Blood Rock/Pop
Poison Greatest Hits 1986 - 1996 Rock/Pop
Poison Stand....(CD Single) Rock/Pop
Poison Native Tongue Rock/Pop
Poison Best of Ballads & Blues Rock/Pop
Poison Sallow This Live Rock/Pop
Pink Floyd Dark side of the Moon....(Original Master Recording) Rock/Pop
Pink Floyd Shine On....Selections from the Box Rock/Pop
Pink Floyd Wish you were Here Rock/Pop
Pinetop Perkins Back On Top Blues
Pinetop Perkins LIVE Top Blues
Pickin' on Stevie Ray Vaughan A Bluegrass Tribute Blues
Phantom Blues Band Out of the Shadows Blues
Peter Green A Night ay the Marquee Blues
Peter Green Legend Blues
Peter Green White Sky Blues
Peter Green Whatcha Gonna Do? Blues
Peter Green Blue Guitar Blues
Peter Green Little Dreamer Blues
Peter Green Backttrackin' Blues
Peter Green In The Skies Blues
Peter Green Kolors Blues
Peter Gabriel Shaking the tree Rock/Pop
Peter Gabriel So Rock/Pop
Peter Gabriel Steam....(CD Single) Rock/Pop
Peter Frampton Fingerprints Rock/Pop
Peter Frampton Fingerprints Rock/Pop
Pearl Jam Ten Rock/Pop
Pearl Jam Binaural Rock/Pop
Paula Abdul Forever Your Girl Rock/Pop
Paul Rogers Muddy Water Blues Blues
Paul Rodgers and Company The Hendrix Set Rock/Pop
Paul McCartney "Tripping the Live Fantastic" Rock/Pop
Paul McCartney Unplugged....The Official Bootleg Rock/Pop
Pat Travers Band Crash and Burn Rock/Pop
Pat Travers BBC Radio 1 Rock/Pop
Pat Travers Just A Touch Blues
Pat Travers Blues Tracks Blues
Pat Travers School of Hard Knocks Blues
Pat Travers The best of Rock/Pop
Pat Benatar Wide Awake in Dreamland Rock/Pop
Pat Benatar True Love Blues
Pat Benatar Somebody's Baby....(CD Single) Rock/Pop
Pat Benatar Best Shots Rock/Pop
Ozzy Osbourne The Ozzman Cometh Rock/Pop
Ozzy Osbourne No more Tears Rock/Pop
Ozzy Osbourne No more tears....(CD Single) Rock/Pop
Ozzy Osbourne Mama, I'm Coming Home....(CD Single) Rock/Pop
Outlaw Country Sampler....Various Artists Country
Omar & the Howlers Courts of Lulu Blues
Omar & the Howlers Monkey Island Blues
Omar & the Howlers Blues Bag Blues
Omar & the Howlers Boogie Man Blues
Obviously Five Believers Self-Titled Rock/Pop
Now...This Is What We Call Blues Vol. 420....Various Artists Blues
Northern Michigan Rocks! Vol. 1 & 2....Various Artists Rock/Pop
Northern Michigan Rocks Vol. III....Various Artists Rock/Pop
Nirvana Smells like teen spirit....(CD Single) Rock/Pop
Night Ranger LIVE in Japan Rock/Pop
Night of the Guitar LIVE!....Various Artists Rock/Pop
Nickelback How you remind me....(CD Single) Rock/Pop
New Blues Classics Self-Titled....Various Artists Blues
Nelson After the rain Rock/Pop